Make use of evolving technology to create smart product and solutions making a global imprint.


Viha Technosoft (VTS) is a humble start where we build solutions with the help of modern technologies that serve the needs of merchants, consumers and society at large. The successful disruption of latest ideas is crucial to a business having the ability to reinforce its processes, bring new and improved products and services to plug , increase its efficiency and most importantly, improve its profitability.We intend to collaborate with ideators, technologists and marketers to build tailored solutions.

At VTS we back our project planning with a strong focus on technology.We devise simplistic yet effective solutions to solve complex problems for our clients using new-generation technologies for Web Design and Development, E-commerce, UX,Data Analytics, Community Solutions which enables wide-spread digital transformation.

With a focused customer-centric solution approach, VTS seek to be a worthy partner to startups, SMBs alike.


  • At Viha Technosoft, Founder brings in 10 years of comprehensive experience to the team which he acquired by serving clients like HP,Google, Phunware, AIG and more across Media & Entertainment, Insurance, Ecommerce verticals during his stint.
  • The mentors at Viha Technosoft possess strong experience of 32 years in finance and business operations which paves the way for strong roots and roadmap of the company
  • At Viha Technosoft we take an honest, proactive, enduring work approach,and put ourselves to think from our client’s hats. We believe that to create a technology solution that serves business purpose ,the most critical juncture is to understand the client needs and we do it meticulously, thereby creating mutual trust and healthy business relationships
  • We have been a key technology partner for some of the best new-age businesses


"The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team" -- Phil Jackson

  • The above saying fits so appropriately to create an effective workforce.It’s the individual contribution that adds value to the entire team efforts and otherwise equally holds true. As an evolving company, we aspire to be better, smarter and consistent. It’s the best bunch of workers that carry this vision forward. You need Ninjas who can create focussed marketing strategies that align with business goals, who can instill their creativity into novel solutions, and who can make best use of technology to optimize every tactic along the way.
  • So,If you have an undying zeal for developing smart products and solutions, leading team from front, a great sense of humor and you are ready to change the world – then fit in here. We’re looking for Coding Nerd, Customer Champion, Innovation Architect and Sales Rainmaker.
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